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Fremont CDJR

39639 Balentine Dr
Directions Newark, CA 94560

  • Sales: (888) 415-2691
  • Service: (888) 419-4902
  • Parts: (888) 419-1250

Meet Our Team

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  • Mike Luner
    General Manager

  • David Duarte
    General Sales Manager

  • Bomdad Pourabdollah
    Sales Manager

    Place of Birth: Minneapolis, MN
    Favorite Car: Aston Martin DBS
    What do you like best about CDJR?: A little bit of everything! The Jeep brand in particular has vehicles that can be used for off-roading and everyday driving while being fuel efficient in the process.
    Hobbies: Spending time with my family and friends, working out, playing basketball, and watching movies and television, and going to Warriors games!

  • Michael Padgett III
    Used Car Reconditioning Coordinator

    Languages Spoken: English and ASL
    Place of Birth: Monterey, CA
    Favorite Vacation Spot: Big Sur
    Favorite Car: Audi S3 Sportback
    What do you like best about CDJR?: It's all muscle and American
    Hobbies: Baseball, hiking, video games
    Other: Getting employee of the year every year

  • Chafi Zafar
    Product Specialist

    Languages Spoken: English
    Place of Birth: Afghanistan
    Favorite Car: Jeep Cherokee
    What do you like best about CDJR?: Quality
    Hobbies: Cooking

  • Jared Tenud
    Product Specialist

  • Dick Shepard
    Product Specialist

    Place of Birth:
    Spokane, WA
    Favorite Vacation Spot: Tahoe
    Favorite Car: Dodge Charger
    What do you like best about CDJR?: Exciting, fun vehicles
    Hobbies: Great dinners, movies, PS2 games (baseball)
    Other: Love of life and making new friends

  • John Basir
    Product Specialist

    Languages Spoken: Farsi, Urdu, Pashto, and English
    Place of Birth: Kabul, Afghanistan
    Favorite Vacation Spot: Las Vegas, Europe
    Favorite Car: Grand Cherokee SRT and Challenger SRT Hellcat
    What do you like best about CDJR?: The power, the looks
    Hobbies: Swimming and hiking
    Other: Travel

  • Amir Demetri
    Product Specialist

  • EJ Mendoza
    Product Specialist

  • Clement Ayayee
    Product Specialist

  • Jose Cuevas
    Product Specialist

  • Camilo Martinez
    Product Specialist

  • Ervin Sunga
    Product Specialist

  • Ace Aslan
    Online Product Specialist

    Languages Spoken:
    English, Farsi, Tagalog
    Place of Birth: Tehran, Iran
    Favorite Vacation Spot: Philippines
    Hobbies: Repairs, Cooking

  • Lei Vili
    Online Product Specialist

    Languages Spoken: Samoan and English
    Place of Birth: American Samoa
    Favorite Vacation Spot: Western Samoa
    Favorite Car: Dodge Challenger RT Plus Classic Edition
    What do you like best about CDJR?: It's the fact that it's all American muscle. The body is crazy on most of the cars and I dig it.
    Hobbies: Softball, traveling, eating, and family time
    Other: When I die, I want to be buried in a red 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A… I'm not even playing

  • Elizabeth Alayo
    Online Product Specialist

  • James Park
    Online Product Specialist

  • Michael Holm
    Online Product Specialist

    Place of Birth:
    Grass Valley, CA
    Favorite Vacation Spot: The Big Island Hawaii (Kona)
    Hobbies: My family, watching my son play football, good books, and golfing

  • Michael Sims
    Online Product Specialist

  • Mark Portillo
    Online Product Specialist

    Languages Spoken: English and Spanish
    Place of Birth: Daly City, CA
    Favorite Vacation Spot: Yosemite National Park
    Favorite Car: 1968 Dodge Charger R/T
    What do you like best about CDJR?: Great products, horsepower, V8 Hemi, Hellcat
    Hobbies: 49er football, MMA, Boxing

  • Saehee Ju
    Finance Director

  • Teddy Martinez
    Finance Manager

  • Esmi Alcarez
    Finance Manager

  • Ahmad Gardizi
    Finance Manager

    Languages Spoken: English, German, Russian, Persian, Dari
    Place of Birth: Paktia Afghanistan
    Favorite Vacation Spot: Australia, Europe
    Favorite Car: Audi
    What do you like best about CDJR?: Design quality

  • Kenny Santillana
    Customer Relations Manager

    Languages Spoken: English and Spanish
    Place of Birth: El Salvador
    Favorite Vacation Spot: Tropical Islands
    Favorite Car: Tesla
    What do you like best about CDJR?: Everything
    Hobbies: Family activities

  • Reign Ramirez

  • Allyson Mull

  • Alicia Garcia
    Sales Porter